A visual exploration of the self and the perceived self - particularly through social media. This project is a result of a study made on the same topic. Research has pointed out the habits, intentions, and personas of individuals who represent themselves on Instagram, and has led to the questioning of the notion of agency. There is a diversity of personas on Instagram, with different expectations and different modes of self-presentation. The idea of the vastness of the internet, as well as the near-immortality that it grants to its users’ personas, are explored in this project.

poster set

Participants in this project were asked to submit an image of themselves they had posted on Instagram. These images were then used as a basis for this project through two techniques - extraction of ASCII data, and visual treatment through Processing.

The aim of the project is to bring the viewer to think about the true nature of their online persona, appreciate the vastness of the medium being used to display such personas, and question their notion of self-identification and agency.


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