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StreetHR is about opportunity, evolution, and journeys. Their core essence is providing guidance, creating right environment, and facilitating journeys of growth, whether it be the journey of an individual or an entire company. The foundations of the brand lie in the idea that the most important component of any company is its people, and thus the human element is the guiding force in all that they do. Growth is an essential part of the human experience, and StreetHR helps to foster environments where opportunities for progress and positive evolution are present, addressing weak points when the need arises, but also encouraging the idea of taking the initiative to actively seek growth and improvement.

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StreetHR is a people-first company, and this is reflected in the way it communicates. The tone of voice is friendly, approachable, optimistic and, ultimately, human.

Core messages communicate opportunity and possibilities, often containing a form of call to action, inviting the reader to take the next step in their journey or their company’s journey. To emphasise this, a set of key messages have been created. Using allegories relating to travelling, journeys, and movement, these messages are to be considered as the backbone of StreetHR’s communication.

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